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Award Date
July 11, 2024



Value 13
Clarity 13
Composition 18
Style 12
Skill 12

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Laura Marchetti, born in 1971, resides in Syracuse and works as a pharmacist. She deeply enjoys her profession, but her greatest passion lies in art in all its forms. Throughout her life, she has dedicated her free time to various artistic pursuits, including drawing, oil painting, embroidery, decoupage, airbrushing, and more recently, photography. She became an amateur photographer at the end of 2018. Photography has become a true passion for her, providing a bubble that distances her from everyday thoughts and transforming the way she views the world around her.

In her words:
“A photograph is the expression of desire, a passion for what surrounds us, and a deep attention to others, which helps us understand and better define ourselves during the unpredictable stages of life. When the body reaches the peak of attention before a shot, it is the psyche that becomes the central element, turning the image into an emotion. A photograph captures light, shadow, overlap, sharpness, or confusion, reflecting my feelings. It is a kaleidoscope that allows me to freely express my every desire.”

Current Location
Syracuse, Italy




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