Canvas of Silence by Ryan Perris

Sunsets always fascinate me. Every sunset is unique in my eyes. The background and the contexts combined create a brand-new tale every day when the mighty sun bids farewell. This photo was taken in Panam City – the once capital of ancient Bengal. Amid the archaeological structures and the ruins of heritage buildings,there stood that almost leaf-less tree. And the sun setting at the background and the solo bird at the top branch created a perfect melancholic landscape. There was silence all around; surprisingly not even any chirping of any bird! A complete somber moment paying tribute to the end of the day. Hence the canvas of silence prevailed. This photograph was made with Samsung SM-A710F.

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Samsung SM-A710F | Exposure 1/2600 @ f/1.8 | ISO 50 | Focal Length 3.69 mm

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February 2, 2019



Value 12
Clarity 12
Composition 17
Style 12
Skill 12

Photograph Location
Panam City, Narayanganj, Bangladesh

Ryan originates from Dhaka, Bangladesh – a land where people hold indomitable spirit within, yet don’t need much to be happy! He is an amateur photographer. He is into art and advertising by profession. Ryan, consumed by wanderlust, loves to travel the world. He loves to be into the nature, appreciates all the beautiful details all around, and tries to capture the magic of the moments from even the smallest details.

Current Location
Dhaka, Bangladesh


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  1. Elita Karim
    Elita Karim says:

    Beautiful! I hope you continue to take more pictures and maybe we can see your photographs at famous galleries one day!


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