Soldier of Life

When you’re hungry, what do you do? Go out, buy some food and eat. So simple! But have you ever thought about the sweat and blood behind this ease and comfort? Take a look at the photo, you’ll understand. This is the daily life of a village farmer. With his firm grip and dusty feet he keeps working to feed the world. We can’t live without food. But we can live without the thought of food; we don’t have to worry about sowing seeds, growing harvest or counting seasons, because farmers do it for us. Salute for them!

Village Life

Village Life

The shot is taken by photographer Prasanta Singhaat, in a remote village called Gourdaha in India. Don’t you think here nature is greeting this soldier of life with all the abundance it has? Share your thoughts with me!

Photo of the Day | September 24 | Village Life by Prasanta Singha

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titi mindar
titi mindar
10 years ago

Yeah, people should be reminded about farmers’ life more often.. You can expose more photos about them..