The Humber Bridge, by Mazhar Hossain

This picture was taken in the The Humber Bay Arch Bridge in Toronto. That was my first visit to the place. There is an excellent view of downtown Toronto from the bridge.

The Humber Bridge by Mazhar Hossain

Canon EOS 60D with EF-S18-135mm | ISO 100 | Exposure 60sec @ f/18 | Focal Length 18mm
The Humber Bridge by Mazhar Hossain

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | June 08
Award Score: 62 (Value 11, Clarity 12, Composition 15, Style 12, Skill 12)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Night Photography
Photograph Location: Humber Bay Arch Bridge, Toronto | Canada

Photographer: Mazhar Hossain (Toronto, Canada) Registered
Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, living in Toronto at the moment. Mazhar Hossain took photography as a hobby not long ago and is still learning. He got his first DSLR camera in December 2010, and since then he started discovering the magic of photography at another level. He loves shooting architecture, people, landscape and nature. He is a Human Resource Professional trying to make a living in Canada but his real passion lies in photography and he is still learning it. He wants to travel the world and showcase the beautiful cities through his lens. More of his photographs can be found at his flickr website and as provided below.


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