The Christmas Project, by Mai Phuong Duong

This photo was taken on the New Year Countdown at Marina Bay, Singapore 2009. The balloons on the water, named as Wishing Spheres, brought together the collective wishes and aspirations of thousands of Singaporeans, and united all in counting down the final seconds of the year to celebrate the beginning of a new year full of hopes, challenges, changes and dreams.

The Christmas Project, by Mai Phuong Duong

Exposure: 1/100s at f/4, ISO: 3200
The Christmas Project, by Mai Phuong Duong

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | January 07
Title of the photograph: The Christmas Project
Photo of the Day Award Category: Night Photography
Photograph Location: Marina Bay | Singapore

Photographer: Mai Phuong Duong (Singapore) Registered
Mai Phuong Duong and her husband Minh Nghia Le are two Singapore-based photographers. Photography has nothing to do with their daily job but it has become their passion for years. They just hope everyone enjoy their photos as how they see the world.


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