Popcorn and Coffee by Hanan AboRegela

I took this beautiful moment at my home, in the city of Jubail, using my iPhone6s camera. It was early in the morning, so I depended on the natural light that came through the window. The main elements in the photo are: a book, a cup of coffee, and popcorn on a white bowl.

Popcorn and coffee by Hanan AboRegela

iPhone 6s | Exposure 1/30s @ f/2.2 | ISO 100 | Focal Length 4.15mm
Popcorn and Coffee by Hanan AboRegela

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | April 30
Award Score: 67 (Value 12, Clarity 12, Composition 18, Style 13, Skill 12)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Food Photography
Photograph Location: Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Photographer: Hanan AboRegela (Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia) Registered
Born in Cairo, Egypt, Hanan AboRegela studied Germanistic at Ain Shams University. She moved to KSA when she got married, 5 years ago. She now lives in Al Jubail, a city in the eastern province on the Persian Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia, and tries to be a professional food photographer. She started to follow the professional photographers to learn more while analysing there photos and how they have taken each shot.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hananaboregela/

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