Exploring the Intricacies of Photography

In the world of photography, there are so many fields that amaze us through their enduring, unique visual representations. Many deal mainly with the aesthetic aspects, and numerous others emphasize conceptual themes. From Islamic to spiritual, abstract to architectural, black and white to color, portraiture to landscape, and documentary to wildlife, each field of photography has its own story to tell, one which goes deep, beyond the frame.

To us, delving into the world of photography is a wonderful venture to the essence of art, with its own visual language. Throughout the world, skilled photographers with their own unique styles have used cameras to capture those stories, for others to experience and enjoy. Through their lenses, amateurs and professional photographers alike explore the life of people, nature, and culture. “Photo of the Day” shares these wonderful stories, from the purist’s perspective, with true passion.

Over time, this award reached to the farthest horizons, and its journey is endless.

It is our zeal for discovering life that spurs us on to create more successful, exciting photographs. For more than a century, photography has defined these specific segments for its own purpose. We think you would enjoy exploring more of these precise aspects of photography, whether trying for the award or to simply experience the beauty and life of the winners’ works of art.

Below you can see 26 categories of photography that we include for the “Photo of Day Award”. Please view these photographs by clicking on them. Then tweet/re-tweets in Twitter, “Like/Share” on Facebook, “Stumbles” in StumbleUpon, “1+” in Google, and let the world know that true the essence photography lies in the eyes of the beholder. Explore the intricacies of photography with passion.

Aerial Photography

The Third Dimension, by Avishek Das
Water over More Water, by Oscar Garcia
Fragrant Oils, by Nilla Palmer
Abstract in Puerto Montt, by Cameron Cope
Castle on the Water, by Stephanie Gillis
Color Blob, by Michael Suppan
The Painted Earth, by Shahnaz Parvin
River Painting, by Swaroop Singha Roy
Icing Green, by Zahraa Al Hassani
Diya Lights, By Munish Singla

Adventure Photography

Spring Storm on Thamserku, by Sujoy Das
Cochamó Hiker Silhouette, by Cameron Cope
The Unknown Bend, by Dipanjan Mitra
Hang in There, by Ronnie Glover
Bogong Horseback Adventure, by Cameron Cope
View of Gangotri Glacier, by Dipanjan Mitra
Climbing Hoverla, by Enrique Aviles
Climb Your Mountain Every Day, by Ronnie Glover
Ascent, by Nilla Palmer
Magical View Point, by Shikchit Khanal
Looking over the Edge, by Munish Singla
The Thrill, by Riasat Rakin
The Quest for More, by Tina Primozic
Little Waterloo Bay, by Cameron Cope
Sailing on Ice, by Jens Hieke

Aerial Photography

Atop the 86th Floor, by Joy Acharyya
Colorado River, by Sergiy Kadulin
New York, by Patricia Saraiva
1000 feet Above, by Oscar Garcia
The Heaven on Earth, by Mohammad Saiful Islam

Architectural Photography

New York City Subway, by Rodrigo Luft
Rooftops, by Rodrigo Luft
Most Photogenic, by Subhashish Nag Choudhury
Station Schonhauser Allee, by Jens Hieke
Chicago, by Patricia Saraiva
The Perspective, by Simran Nanwani
Qutb's Inscriptions, by Munish Singla
Sacred Hagia Sophia, by Zahraa Al Hassani
Topkapı Palace, by Zahraa Al Hassani
Zayed Mosque, by Zahraa Al Hassani
The Inside Beauty, by Sanjiban Ghosh
Galleria Umberto, by Sandra Frimpong
Museum in the Twilight, by Sanjiban Ghosh
The Empire State Building, by Rodrigo Luft
Hagia Sofia, by Mohammad Saiful Islam

Artistic Photography

Watching the Scenic Beauty, by Nirupam Roy
Ethan, by Keith Goldstein
Fishing Reflection, by Tisha Clinkenbeard
Children in Candle Light, by Daniel Schnyder
Thinking at the Sunset, by Nirupam Roy
Definition of Perfection, by Soumya Geetha
Six of Us, by Zoe Ladika
The Natural Frame, by Subhashish Nag Choudhury
Ready to Leave, by Nirupam Roy
Private Property, by Mickey Strider
Peek-a-who? by Tisha Clinkenbeard
On the Streets of New York, by Patricia Saraiva
Couple from Opposite Dimension, by Arnold Chan
A Beautiful Pier, by Munish Singla
Misty Morning, by Sanjoy Sengupta
Shadows and Light, by Minh Nghia Le
Saharan Silhouette, by Nilla Palmer
It’s Time to Play Football, by Shahnaz Parvin
A Beautiful Evening, by Shahnaz Parvin
Sunset Silhouette, by Naude Visser

Black & White Photography

On the Court, by Ronnie Glover
Beginning of a Journey, by Munish Singla
Pure, by Zoe Ladika
Three Fishermen, by Saniar Rahman Rahul
Serendipity, by Minh Nghia Le
Long Way Home, by Andrea Migliari
Loving Hands, by Jerry Caruthers
Their Shadows, by Abdellah Azizi
Inside your own 10, by Ronnie Glover
Geothermal Plant, by Mickey Strider
Splashing, by Zoe Ladika
Love Hands, by Tisha Clinkenbeard
A Ride Back Home, by Yasef Imroze
Moroccan Heads, by Abdellah Azizi
A Boat in the Wetland, by Saniar Rahman Rahul

Candid Photography

Woman Pilgrim, by Ryszard Wierzbicki
Hmong Mother and the Child, by Ryszard Wierzbicki
What to Do Now? by Sanjiban Ghosh
Hide and Seek, by Nilla Palmer
Donation, by Ryszard Wierzbicki
Loss! by Mehmet Masum
Haunting, by Nilla Palmer
Good Morning Sunshine, by Zahraa Al Hassani
Young Nuns, by Ryszard Wierzbicki
Hmong Girl, by Ryszard Wierzbicki
Himalayan Boy, by Ryszard Wierzbicki
I See You! by Saniar Rahman Rahul
Laotan Girl, by Ryszard Wierzbicki
Bearer, by Ryszard Wierzbicki
A Young Tribal Girl, by Shahnaz Parvin

Exploring the Intricacies of Photography with Passion - Part 2

Exploring the Intricacies of Photography with Passion - Part 2
Exploring the Intricacies of Photography with Passion - Part 1 Exploring the Intricacies of Photography with Passion - Part 1

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    Great…im very happy & proud that my photo made it to the Adventure Photography….& became the winner “Photo Of The Month (8th Month)”

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