Light & Composition

The ultimate thrill for any photographer is the great wildebeest migration! It is a spectacle of dust, noise, hooves, and mega-herds. In this article, we will
take you on an astonishing journey that will guide you to skilfully capture these special moments in the wilderness. And, expose you to
the beautiful rhythms of nature in the African bush with techniques that successful nature photographers use in the field.

Contrast that reveals the subject
What settings do we use to capture the leopard,
lion, or elephant for it to be clear and sharp,
to freeze the moment?

Written & Photographs by Martin Meyer
Technical Write-up & Research: Nasrul Eam and Martin Meyer
Edition: Collector’s Edition (02/06/2013)
Volume Three | Frame That Belongs to You

As photographers, our success lies in the end result of capturing a split-second moment, a creative visualization with motion, and blur whilst freezing
the frame. In this article, we explain some of the greatest attributes you should master.
Working with the changing environment.

There are numerous techniques to capture moments. However, when the natural rhythms of nature unfold before your eyes, you should know the technique to capture the greatest spectacles in the natural world to be part of and record with your camera. We’ve got you covered with the most valuable information in this article that you must know.

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