Entries by Simran Nanwani

Priceless Kodak Moment

A number of interpretations arise when seeing this image. We come across various images daily but finding that one candid moment that instantly puts a smile to your face is occasional. There are two incidents happening at the same time in this one moment. First, is the girl who is thrilled to click a snap […]

Joy in Giving

How delicate and beautifully those two hands open? It is more like a message telling us that when we open our hearts and give with open arms, we will feel joy in abundance. Giving isn’t about receiving. It is about how far are we willing to give and to share the love in our heart […]

Signs or Confusion?

North, South, East, West…which way should I go? Many signs everywhere, surrounding us at every moment and in every place we cross. There’s always a moment in our lives where we search for clues. Then suddenly, a friend, a place or a moment reveals the answer and leads to where we must go. As confusing […]